Goldberg Polyhedron placeOnGoldbergFaceAt() wrong position

Not sure if this is intentional behaviour but the placeOnGoldbergFaceAt() function of GoldbergMesh appears to place the mesh at a distance equal to the radius of the Goldberg Polyhedron when using Vector3(0, 0, 0), instead of on the face’s surface. This is particularly noticeable with smaller m/n values:

If this is intentional, is there a way to calculate the offset between the face and radius?

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According to the doc, it seems expected:

Meshes should be sized accoring to the size of the face. To keep a mesh within a face values for position.x and position.z should be between around ±radius of face * √3

And the corresponding PG:

Hi thanks for the reply.

I’m more talking about the distance along the specified face’s normal when position.y is 0. I would expect the function to place the mesh directly on (touching) the face, but this is not the case. This may be because goldbergData.faceCenters is actually a point on the sphere of equal radius to the Goldberg Polyhedron.