Gui editor text link

Hi All,

I would like to have a gui text be a clickable link pointing to some webpage. I couldnt find a way to do it right in the editor.
Did I miss something or is there some other easy way to achieve this functionality?

I don’t think this works from the editor. Though I could be wrong @carolhmj ?
However you would still need to hook it in script anyways. If only just to make it clickable.

Edit: Understand the editor is just a layout. It does not trigger any events. Better said like that.

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Thanks. I was hoping for similar to button behaviour that changes the icon to hand and switches the background on hover. This way user knows is clickable.

This is a simple animation event implemented for the button control. It works the same with code.
But none have an observable and trigger any action/event.

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Mawa is correct you have to implement interactivity through code