GUI MeshButton3D: trying to disable then reenable a button, but keeping it visible

I know it’s possible to disable an interaction on a button… by making it invisible. But what if we want to see it and activate interactions only later (and have the possibility to remove them later if needed, then reactivate, etc)?

The manager.removeControl(pushButton) make butotn invisible, and by acceessing buttons from manager I don’t see what property to use. Here a playground where I tried to see what if behaviours can help but array length on my button is 0 :nerd_face:: (line 45)

Is the only solution to overwrite pointerAnimation functions each time I want to disable/enable?

A just thought of it idea (but in writing it down realised I do even know if you can overlap buttons) make an identical button with no added pointer control on top of button handling event. Enable or not the dummy button.

May be nonsense and I am on mobile so cannot try it out.

Yea that’s an idea, but still less convenient as just enable/disable control :slight_smile:

By default there is no behavior attached (this is a place for you to add your own behavior)

You can use a behavior or just directly set all meshes to .isPickable = false

OK so if I well understand, we don’t disable pickable on meshbutton itself, but on meshes where it comes from?

correct because picking comes from the scene itself