Hiring Senior Technical Game Designers (remote) - DevOps + Game Dev = AutoCloud

Hey everyone,

My name is Tyson and I’m one of the founders of www.autocloud.dev. AutoCloud is a cloud visibility and intelligence platform that lets you track any type of change to your infrastructure over time.

We just raised a seed round from some top-tier VCs and are looking to hire three full-time Senior Technical Game Designers (Babylon.js) to our team. We are doing some really interesting things at the intersection of DevOps and Game Dev using Babylon.js so feel free to email me at tyson@autocloud.dev if you would like to talk more. Have a great day!


Woot! Awesome!!!

Pinging a few amazing folks who MAY have some interest

@ozRocker @MackeyK24 @Pryme8 @JCPalmer @CraigFeldspar


Thanks so much @PirateJC!

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Would be a conflict of interest for me with galileo suite. Thank you for thinking of me though.

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Hi guys !
Sounds really interesting, but currently involved in some other work. Best of luck with your hiring !

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