How can I name the file before exporting to glb in online sandbox

Yeah pretty much the above question. Because everytime I export to glb it downloads as scene.glb so I have to go into my downloads folder to rename it

It is currently not supported and I wonder @Deltakosh thought on adding this to the inspector ?

not possible. I can change the name but not the path.This is a web constraint

Yup of course, i was wondering if a textbox aside the button to define the name makes sense ?

I am afraid it bloats the ui knowing one would still need to copy paste afterwards.

Yes I agree

But getting the uploaded file name is possible right? @Deltakosh

you mean changing the name of the file? yes but I was afraid it will bloat the UI,

But it is not a big deal actually. fancy doing a PR?

I mean when I upload a file and click on export let it export in the same name of the file as i uploaded.
Check this website. glTF Model Converter |
They do the same thing. they make the .glb file in the same name as the uploaded file name.

Sure thing I can do a PR