How can one set the uv channel used by the environment reflections

I am currently working on a scene where I have an object that has three uv sets. What I need is the reflections coming from the environment (environment.env) to use the first uv channel on my mesh, which I thought it would default to. But it seems instead to be defaulting to the third uv channel. So I guess my question is what determines which uv channel it uses and how might I control that?

Partially answering my own question here. I feel a bit foolish. My problem was actually coming from my perturbed normal node (I am using a node material). I must not have set something up right. The issue presented itself in a way that I could see my uv layout in the reflections, if that makes sense. Which was why it had me thinking it was a uv problem. As I looked closer I also noticed the reflections were rotated at an angle.

Here is an nme example of the material causing the issue. It seems to have to do with the perturbed normal strength value. For some reason it is rotating the reflection map.


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In case anyone else runs into this issue, it was the rotation and strange behavior I was noticing was the result of the slider “Convert to linear space” being turned on for the normal map. Once I turned it off the rotation of the reflections and my particular issue went away.