How do I completely remove a side of a box?

Like how do I remove the side, not just make it transparent but delete it and make sure it doesnt render
And also how to bring it back later after deleting it?

You would have to change the geometry data of your box: Updating Vertices | Babylon.js Documentation, either removing indices, in case of a indexed mesh, or vertices in an unindexed mesh. To bring it back later, you would have to re-add the removed data.


You can also create a box without one side, and create a plane mesh that you will move to this side. This way, you can simply hide/show the side by changing the visibility of the plane mesh.


Maybe you can create a box with 6 planes and enable or disable one of them

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@carolhmj @bvaisman Which one of these methods will completely unrender it to improve performance, and be easily automated?

@Evgeni_Popov 's suggestion is the easiest to deal with, in my opinion. When you set a mesh’s isVisible to false, it does not render.