How do tilebox deform onto curve

I have tried many ways, but the deformation results always do not match my expectations. I hope tilebox can perfectly fit the curve for deformation

fac needed to be fixed. the factor is along the box x. so, divide by its length, not the length of the curve.
position.x is 0 because it needs to be translated to point. I guess you tried to do it line 67 but it needs to happen before the transformation.

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How do I make the normals display correctly after moving vertices? I force the normals to be modified after modifying vertices. Through the debugger, it can be seen that the normal settings are correct, but the rendering result is still incorrect.

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I’m not sure it comes from the normals compute
It seems that after the deform, your vertex order (per triangle) is inverted.

  • Either you set the material clockwise (line 28 : boxMaterial.sideOrientation = 0;)
  • Either you need to rework your loop, you might have an indexing issue

change direction of curve factor : let fac = 1-originFac;


Although I don’t know why moving each vertex in the opposite direction of the curve can fix this problem, it does work.

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curve direction evaluation is not in the same direction as the X increasing value of the mesh.
It’s like reverting inside out a sock. The result is the change of the winding of the faces.