How does babylon support billboards in gltf?

I saw that babylon supports billboards, but gltf does not. so, was wondering how babylon exports a billboard containing scene. does it use custom properties to mark them as babylon billboards or does it just not export that data?

also, if someone could tell me whether babylon uses custom properties and if so, where can i find a list of all babylon properties.

Hello glTF does not include that information so you need to enable billboards manually after loading your gltf (you may want to use metadata to define which mesh needs a billlboard)

Understood. I just assumed that if i made a scene with billboards in babylon, exported it to gltf, babylon would put some metadata into the scene so that when i import it back , it could use that metadata to recognize the billbaords. thanks for the quick reply.

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If you are ok with it you can then use babylon file format instead of GLB. This will support billboard