How to achieve this effect? the aircondition effects

I achieved the effect of turning on the air conditioner by using threejs, and I want to achieve it in bjs, but I tried for a few days, still no results.
This is my bjs pg link:

This is my theejs code:

const ariconditionAanimation = (model: any, state: number) => {
  console.log(state, "state");
  const airModel = model.getObjectByName("Effect_AirConditioning_Int");
  if (!airModel) return;
  airModel.visible = Boolean(state);
  if (state === 0) {
    airModel.visible = false;
  const texture = new TextureLoader().load("textures/aircondition.png");
  const baseTex = new TextureLoader().load("textures/baseText.png");
  baseTex.wrapS = RepeatWrapping;
  baseTex.wrapT = RepeatWrapping;

  // const { material } = airModel;
  const mat = new MeshStandardMaterial({
    alphaMap: texture,
    map: baseTex,
    blending: AdditiveBlending,
    transparent: true,
    opacity: 0.8

  airModel.material = mat;
  airModel.material.needsUpdate = true;, {
    y: -1,
    duration: 1,
    repeat: -1,
    ease: "none",
    onStart: () => {
    onComplete: () => {

and this is my theejs`s effect:

I think this effect can be done better, but I can’t. Can you help me?

AdditiveBlending is alphaMode = BABYLON.Constants.ALPHA_ADD in Babylon and opacity = 0.8 is alpha = 0.8:

I think it should be close to Threejs this way, but you should also add the background picture in the PG, for a better comparison.

thank u very much!!! :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

I’ve seen it and I need to try a little harder

the code dose not work

mat.alphaMode = BABYLON.Constants.ALPHA_ADD;

You may change
mat.alphaMode = BABYLON.Constants.ALPHA_ADD;


mat.alphaMode = 1

It is the same.

emmmmm,I have done!!!
It doesn’t look like the effect has changed