How to align/float image with text on a plane

Hi I want to align/float image with text as html/css, see following attachment. After tried with texture/advancedDynamicTexture, couldn’t get it. Any advice?

This is mostly an html canvas context2d issue. I do not think there are any easy way to do it layout is pretty hard to do in canvas2d but I might as well be fully wrong here :slight_smile:

I guess in your case you would need to split the text according to measureText apis ?

Yep it’s not possible to “inline” images with text this way with GUI at the moment

My advise would be to not wrap the text around the image (since indeed is not possible but then…it’s uggly anyways, of course in my opinion only :grin: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. I would use a grid or a stackpanel and eventually limit the image height or width and have the text flow next to it.
If not, you will have to change approach (and not use the BJS GUI for this), but yeah, If it’s only because of this, I would just change the design (and keep with the other advantages of the BJS GUI). Again, my opinion only.

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Thanks for all replies and suggestions. I am trying grid, and adjust design

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