How to Create Floating Tags on Cubes

I want to implement a cube, with clickable tags on each face.
Similar to this: (PG1)

Each tag should be above the face like this: (PG2)

If the cube has multiple facets, the tags will rotate with the cube.
This example has multiple facets, but decals instead of tags above the face:

Trying to figure out which example to start with to get all three effects (floating tags, multi-facets and rotation). Perhaps it’s best to start with example PG-3 somehow, and then adapt PG-2 ? I am not sure the best way to start.

I’m trying to start with something like this,but a simpler multi-faceted version: Babylon.js Playground

You can create planes parented to the cube and positioned over the faces? Cube with Planes | Babylon.js Playground (


Interesting implementation. I will use that example and combine some other ideas, thanks.

btw - here’s the centered version of your example: Babylon.js Playground

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