How to edit my own thread psots on this forums

Hi All

I wanted to change some links I posted in my thread about my recent configurator, as the links in it are now changed and its not nice for readers to follow deadlinks :wink:

I checked the controls at the bottom of the post and I see no “edit” control?? I must be missing something.


can you screenshot what you have?

here is the bottom of my first post , i did expand the icons with the …


what is bizarre is that in this very thread , see the “edit pencil” icon and can use it. For some reason in that mentioned thread, it is missing on all my posts

I had this same problem recently. But I understood that you cannot modify the first posts. Only the last post in a discussion thread to be currently edited.

@Deltakosh It would actually be good to be able to modify all of our posts (generally you may want to complete a first post) Our old forum on Html5GameDevs allowed it. But maybe there is no option on this forum to do it ?

This is very weird because this is what I have:

@Dad72 or @shaderbytes: I did a change, can you test again?

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Yes I confirm. It’s all ok for me, i can edit all my posts, even the first one.
I tested on my post ‘woodworking’ and it’s ok


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Yes , the edit icon is now displaying and is working. Thanks I updated the post to include a working link to the project now again.

Thanks a million