How to get local matrix of parented local Transform node

while doing use the thin instance exactly wanted the local matrix

Instances that get and use the local location will get the correct result. :blush:


As mentioned here transformNode don’t have LocalMatrix.
This is the result of searching and applying in relation to this.
I don’t get correct local matrix. is there any way?

I changed my mind and tested it, and there was an easier way than I thought.
PG is the method for this
but failed in my project :sob:

I don’t seem to need a local matrix. (from translation)

Available Mesh Buggy | Babylon.js Playground (

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yes everything is an error of something in my project
Specifically, not the model to copy the position
I’m looking into it because it seems to be a problem with the model to be applied as a thin instance.
Like your answer, it is implemented in pg in an easier and more convenient way.
regardless of the local matrix