How to import geometry that I have already prepared


if this can help :wink: Use a local webserver - Nothing-is-3D


Incredible, we are doing success, we found missed info, thank you,

Now I need to study how to use local webserver,

Thanks for all!


That would deserve to be in our doc as well!


Duty noted :slight_smile: Since december I havn’t got too much spare time about documentation geeking, but I think my todo list for BJS could soon start to shorten…


Let me know if you want me to ping your boss :smiley:


Thanks for your feedback. The OBJ loader has switched back to the behaviour before, which is easier to use when MTL files are missing (they are essentially ignored). Options were added yesterday for Ignoring Materials (which would suit your needs here). You will need the latest build - I don’t see it on preview yet, but it’s documented here:


Could you send me whole working code with this part of code Babylon.SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer…, because I don`t know how to use it where it should be?


Are you using the viewer or is it for plain babylon.js code?


Hello, sorry, I found the way of how to see whole code, and to study the structure of code,

Now I need good tutor. of how to create working localhost, could you send me smth?


Few post above I’ve posted a tuto I’ve made.

If I can tell you an advice? If I’m not wrong, it seems that you’re not comfortable with html/javascript technologies: try to learn basis first before going into 3D apps, 'cause even for a great web developper, going into 3D is not an easy step usually.



Yes Im not comfortable with html/java script because Im 3d modeller, thats why Im here,

In your tutor you advice to use some server platforms but how to use it exactly you didnt write,

Yesterday I tried to do it with Xampp and it didnt work, today I will try with Wamppserver, but exact tutor of how to set up it for babylon I dont have.

So if you know what exact tutor could help me pls send me it!?


Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk
For wampserver,

Find to following folder;
… wampserver / www
In this folder, put your files, index.html, etc.

Now reverse back into the main wampserver folder
and locate the wampmanager.exe file and execute it.
… wampserver / wampmanager.exe

Now, in your system tray

There should be a wampserver icon (same icon as wampserver.exe you just executed)

Click the icon, and click the option “Start all services

Navigate your browser to http://localhost/



Thanks for tutorial,

I`v done it, what to do then?


It don`t work, where mistake could be?


Hello @Ivan_Stratiichuk
Assuming this folder structure;

www /
www / Babylon sample /
www / Babylon sample / index.html
www / Babylon sample / interiorscene.gltf

In the ImportMesh function call, Try changing the path

Babylon sample/

to a relative path (tells the script to look for the file in the same folder)



pls could you write sample code using this screens?

// ImportMesh code in new 1.html
BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "./", "interiorscene.gltf", scene, function (newMeshes) {
    // Set the target of the camera to the first imported mesh = newMeshes[0];

navigate to http://localhost/Babylonsample/new%201.html
(or rename new 1.html to index.html and…)
navigate to http://localhost/Babylonsample/


What do you mean navigate, where to navigate?


In your browser :slight_smile:


Don`t work=))