How to make a ground object have static collision in the editor

I have a ball that has physics and falls, and so does my ground, but how do i make the ground just a static collision that doesint move. Also how do i change my collision shape in the editor. I know you can pick different base shapes, but how do I change the x,y,z and origin of the collision mask?

Adding @Cedric for the physics part :slight_smile:

Hi @Austin_Michaud and welcome to the forum!

To set an impostor as static, set its mass to 0 when you create it.

What do you mean to change the x,y,z of the collision mask?

so i have a sphere and i want its collision mask to be a box, ok, but how big is this box, and where does the box scale from. (im using the editor)

The dimension, for box and sphere, is based on the bounding volume.
When you write code to create your impostor, you specify the collsion type.
If you want a collision volume to have a particular size, I think you have to scale your mesh according.