How to make the inside of the box have materials

I wonder how to keep material available inside an object?

It looks like empty inside of the a StandardMaterial applied box generated by CreateBox even after converting the box to CSG (BABYLON.CSG.FromMesh).

Anybody could help? Thanks

Hi @ykcmmc and welcome to the forum

I think you are refering to double sided material. And there is some documentation/playgrounds available here : Different Textures On The Front And Back Of A Mesh | Babylon.js Documentation

I read your post another time and I believe you only need to disable backface culling

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Thank you @Cedric for quickly response.
Actually I wanna a solid body/object rather than just the same material for inner/outer side of a object.
For example when user move camera inside of an underground geological body, they could see what the material/stone really looks like.
But I see no similar question in the forum for now.

It looks like you need two separate meshes, one for the outside and one for the inside then?

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I’m also understanding what I’m going to do. Agree that user can see nothing once if eyes were blocked.
As your great comments, I can just put a mesh at a certain distance in front of eyes inside.

Will try it later and share the results later.