How to modify local transform matrix of a TransformNode

In threejs it can be accessed with some3DObject.matrix, but i don’t see such a property or function in Babylon.
The Bone class has a getLocalMatrix() function, but i work with TransformNodes.
Am I missing something obvious?

node.getWorldMatrix() should be it :slight_smile:

I need to modify the local matrix of a child object in relation to it’s parent, so getWorldMatrix is not what I’m looking for. The bone class has both a getWorldMatrix and a getLocalMatrix function, so I’m confused why this doesn’t exist on the TransformNode class.

There is no public local matrix per se on transforn node, only the RTS information + mode for billboards/pivot and so on.

Can you detail a bit more the use case so we can check what is the best fit in our API ?

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Hello @Soupcat just checking in if you need any further help