How to natural lighting effect

Here is one of my scene , is there way improve lighting to get natural lighting effect

It is not so easy to give any lighting advice for your link :slight_smile:

Sorry …

Any scene in this app

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better way for realistic lighting
1)Setup lighting in your DCC an Unwrap meshes uvw second channel for use baked lightmaps
2)Bake lightmaps for your room and assign to your meshes
3)bake ambient occlusion for better control of your lighting in your DCC and assign to your meshes or use Using the SSAO Rendering Pipeline | Babylon.js Documentation
4)Use combination of global environment map for fake reflections in rough materials and reflection probes for real time reflections in something like glasses and mirrors
Reflection Probes | Babylon.js Documentation
5)Use DirectionalLight and HemisphericLight for sun emulation with shadow generator
6)Use glow layer for ‘active’ baked lights Making Meshes Glow | Babylon.js Documentation
7)Be creative and use something like default rendering pipeline effects
you can look at approximate result Showroom


This is really great list!

Can you tell me what is DCC

DCC is the abbreviation for Digital Content Creation (tool), like Blender, C4D, Unity, 3dsMax etc.