How to remove the black mask?

I have a material, which is created by two texture. a noise texture and a mask texture.
I want to simulate the god ray. But I found the black noise is not transparent after I adding the emissive color to the material?
The demo is blow:

Actually, I want to change the black color to sunshine color. And the another color to transparent. Or just change the black color to the transparent.
Texture Image:

Your noise texture’s alpha is all white, so it renders the black areas as well. You need a noise texture with a correct alpha channel.

@roland Thanks for your reply.
But I am using the rgb of noise texture and the alpha of the mask texture.

Yes you do but mask looks like this so it’s masking pixels only around the white area not in the white area.

OK, so it can be done like this. Sry for fooling you :wink: (however it would work by providing and alpha noise texture as well)

Pay attention to the alphaMode.


@roland Wow! :kissing_heart: Thanks for your patient reply.

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You are welcome :vulcan_salute: