How to set morph target for skinned meshes?


green cubes are my control case and they are 1 mesh. red cubes are my question. sphere acts as origin of both meshes.

After animation runs, both meshes then morph to shrinked morph targets. So the green cubes morph towards the sphere as the position data is halved correctly. After anim1 runs, the bottom red cube morphs toward the sphere as its position is also correctly halved. The top red cube is NOT morphing towards the sphere but instead away from the origin. I was expecting the top red cube’s vertex positions to be halved towards the sphere. What is the correct way to set morph targets for skinned meshes ?

nvm, I solved it ! Dear mods, feel free to delete this thread :smiley:

Maybe you can explain in a sentence what was wrong and mark it as the solution? That may help other people experiencing the same problem in the future.

Took a whole 2 mins to change my workflow so all meshes were above xz plane at rest regardless of how I setup my morphs. Didn’t want to mess with code for hrs. Worked for my needs.