How to set the mobile terminal is forbidden to be selected?

Hello again!

Let’s agree on something :slight_smile: A question in the title and a screenshot as content doesn’t help us help you. I have already said that many times, and will continue saying that very patiently.

Please summarize the subject in your title, and describe the issue in the content. attach code, attach a playground that doesn’t work. Otherwise we won’t be able to help at all.


You are stronger than me


The main reason is that I just started learning, and my English is not very good, not very good to express my meaning, so I use the effect to show it.

Anyway, thank you very much

That’s very understandable.
A lot of us are not native english speakers. You will NEVER find us telling anyone that we don’t understand their English and this is why we won’t help. Screenshots are great, but code examples and a details explanation is important, otherwise we can’t truly understand.
We had users that used an auto-translater to both read messages and write them. It worked out fine! Try that maybe :slight_smile:


Hahaha man!
just look at this video to see how I feel your pain: David Catuhe: Unleash 3D games with Babylon.js [JSConf2014] - Bing video

So as @RaananW said, please do not hesitate to talk :slight_smile:

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