How to spawn in a point after change scene (url)?

Hi everyone, i have a problem. I need every time the player changes scenes he appears in a place marked by an object in the next scene.

That way, every time the player crosses a door he switches the scene, but I don’t want him to appear at the beginning but with the door behind him, as if he left it. The location from which it should appear is marked by an object. The scene is a url, so every time the character changes the scene he changes the url.

Can anyone help with this?

I am not sure to understand your issue, as it would depend a lot on the kind of game (FPS,…) also when you mention URL do you mean a new page ? (cause then nothing would be shared and such)

Basically we d need to know more about the use case, and a tiny playground if it is a technical issue ?

Problem solved using Next Router. Thank you!

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