How to stop a motor?

OK hi again Babyloners ! :sunglasses:

I’m porting this to Babylon …

I now have a motor control that I can set off using an HTML button. This is great !

However how do I stop the motor ? I tried disableMotor but that did not do it. Actually when I use the Cannon physics engine I get what I’m looking for. For some reason with Cannon (it’s currently set to Oimo) the motor starts and then immediatel loses power and slowly spins down very much like “Power off” on a Technics 1210 which slowly brings the platter to a halt, as well as the audio of course. Why does Cannon motor not keep power ? Ammo does not do anything.

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cc @Cedric

Call joint.setMotor(0);

Check line 160


Thanks. Both start and stop now working ! :sunglasses: