Https:// textures

I wanted to play with SDF in
Would be great to have some texture support to load a SDF texture and play with it a bit.
I love the node material editor, but there are cases where you just want to type the code.

I also thought it would be great to export code from cyos as custom blocks.
In other words, write a function using cyos and then export that function as a custom block to import in node material editor.

Are there any plans to extend cyos?
I think it has a great start but can potentially be a little “more”

We have no plan to extend CYOS but we do support custom nodes in NME :slight_smile: Node Material Editor Custom Blocks | Babylon.js Documentation (

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Ja I was hoping one could use cyos in future to create custom blocks as a export feature to use in node material editor, but since there are no plans to extend the feature it’s a mood point. Thanks for the reply though.

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