Imposter sizing

I want to program a variant of the game bolder dash, which i liked to play on the commodore 64 in my young years. It’s about collecting diamonds and avoiding falling rocks.

The idea: At first the objects lie on a flat ground, which is slowly tilted, causing the stones and diamonds to slide. The aim is to collect as many diamonds as possible with one mouse click.

The problem:
When I enlarge the pillar, the base falls through. (clicking on the flat ground sizes the pillar)


ok, solved it with DistanceJoint!

click multiple times on the sphere and you’ll see the effect: rolling stones! :slight_smile:


hahah Cool.

I was trying one, too…same principle… except… put distance joint between ground and base plane.

I was trying to change joint distance OR mainPivotPoint with each click (lines 87/88)… failed so far. Ammo is alien to me. I’m better at Oimo. :slight_smile:

A little note to Tom about WHY his up-scaling of “the pole” didn’t work. I dunno why. :slight_smile: I think it has to do with the pole’s bounding-area enlarging, and on the next physics step… the “re-calc” sees no surfaces colliding. IF you would apply a tiny upward impulse on the lifted platform (near the lift-pole)… just before the pole upscale, it MIGHT start working. Then, the pole upscale could happen WITHOUT a collision being a factor. After the up-scale, the lifted platform would “land” atop the pole (gravity), and all would be fine… I think. You might STILL need a box_foot_base.physicsImpostor.setScalingUpdated(); …after the up-scaling.

Interesting solve, Necips! Just make the sphere.visibility = 0… and who would know there was a sphere involved.