Improve GUI VirtualKeyboard to support InputTextArea

Currently, VirtualKeyboard can provide keyboard handlers for InputText. It’s great.

The following sentence comes from GUI documentation:

you can also rely on keyboard.connect(inputText) to automatically connect a VirtualKeyboard to an InputText.

But, it cannot connect to InputTextArea, which is similar to InputText and extends InputText.

An inputTextArea connected to a virtualKeyboard adds key to the wrong place when pressing virtualKeyboard. It’s not a good experience.


In the source code of VirtualKeyboard, it calls inputText.processKey to process input for InputText.
But the method’s name changed to alternativeProcessKey in InputTextArea.

By calling matching methods of InputText and InputTextArea in VirtualKeyboard, we can support InputText and InputTextArea.

If it’s people’s wish, I will create a PR to support it.

Hey and welcome!

your PR will be more than welcome :smiley:

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The PR supported this feature.

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