Incremental Loading on the Fly - mesh behind a mesh

Babylon’s Incremental Loading allows for meshes to be loaded when the mesh becomes “visible” (in the z distance range) by the camera. This is basically a run-time loading to save initial time-load.
This is the link to the ESPILIT example

My question is the following, Incremental loading does NOT take into consideration whether the MESH to be uploaded is BEHIND another (non-transparent) mesh. In the pictures attached BABYLON loads the meshes in the first rack once it “falls” in it’s field of view but also loads the meshes in the 2nd rack.
Is there a workaround?

We do not evaluate occlusion as this is too expensive unfortunately. We do support occlusion queries with webgl2 but this is not linked to mesh delay loading as we need to first know the mesh topology

So unfortunately I do not see a simple workaround here

OK thanks Delkatosh

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