Inspector Havok Physics Info

Yo @Cedric … I noticed none of the physics info is displayed in the Inspector. The old V1 shows a Physics Section on the node which would display the info about the item like impostor type and mass, etc…

Where do i see that info about the havok items in the scene… Even if not in the inspector, is there a way to see debug info, like all the shapes and bodies in the scene ?

Hi @MackeyK24
The physics viewer has been updated to support physics V2. With the Inspector, it works the same for shape debug display:

I am using version 6.31.0

I know the physics viewer works fine and I see the white wire frame for any shapes, but when you select an item in the inspector there used to be Physics accordion section that would show details about the physics impostor.

I don’t see that for V2 physics with Havok. The only way I can even tell the physics item is there is the physics viewer’s white wireframe

We need to add support to the new architecture yet, we have an open issue here: [Physics] Body/shape tweaking with the inspector · Issue #13711 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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K… Good to know its on the radar