Inspector possible improvements for PBR materials

I’m often using the inspector to evaluate and sometimes fine-tune materials. The inspector is a great tool and a real help when developing straight for BJS.

Working on PBR materials, I recently noticed that a number of parameters are absent from the inspector for the ‘metallicRoughness’ handy and easy-to-use material. This material can also take a lot more parameters than the ones currently shown in the inspector. I’m not saying all should be in there. But I believe things like ‘directIntensity’ or ‘clearCoat’ could eventually be added?

Also for the direct light intensity, for the std or custom pbr mat, there’s currently a limit of 1.0 in the inspector. Obviously this limit does not exist and could be set (a lot) higher, may be 30 or 100?
Just food for thoughts…
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They should all be in:

To see all of them you need to rely on the main PBRMaterial not the smaller once which are meant to be way simpler so not exposing everything.

thx for the answer. Indeed they are in for the std material and i also understand the ‘smaller’ material should eventually not show’em all. It was a simple suggestion.

What about this limit for direct light intensity. As per your SS, you can see the limit set to 1. I think that’s a bit too low, what do you think?

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Moving them upper can create weird artifacts but I do agree 1 is a bit low as well :slight_smile:

@mawa do you want to make a PR to bump them up a bit ?