Inspector - Statistics Tab

I have encountered situation where Inspector fails when I click on “Statistics” tab.

I have running web on the following link Wizard Duels

On the left side is small active link “Toggle debug”, when I click on it, Inspector successfully appears, but it gives an error, when I click on the “statistics” tab on the left side. In the stack trace of the error it is apparent, that it is caused by inspector.bundle.js thus beyond my controll.

Thanx for looking into it, I would cooperate as needed offcourse.

that’s interesting. Shouldn’t happen! we’ll work on fixing that asap

Sorry, quick update - this has been fixed already and will be available very soon in a new npm package - Made getPerfCollector method public in Scene class by SahilTara · Pull Request #10935 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (


That is cool !! I do not use npm, but I am using CDN instead ( will that fix be present also in the preview version on CDN ?

Thanx for such a quick fix anyway !

It should already be available on the CDN :frowning:

The demo you showed us uses the npm alpha.40 version. Are you using the preview cdn somewhere else and it is still failing?

Well it is Babylon.js v5.0.0-alpha.40, but I do not use NPM, I am using only CDN and on that version (alpha 40) it still produces that error. Sorry if I have confused you, but I am not familiar with NPM. I do not have any version that is using NPM.

I am including babylon via this tag - <script src=""></script>

Oh I see but the inspector is loaded through our latest npm version not the cdn for compat reasons.

so it will get fixed on our latest npm push later today :slight_smile:

Fix will be up in about one hour