Introducing: WebCinemo @

Introducing a new art form for BabylonJS:


This is not a game, but a Web~Cinematic (webcinemo):

Movie, Game, Book, App. Starting as Animated Music Video (for kids) on YouTube.

We will see what works, and describe for you, or anyone, to do the same.

WebCinemo is entertainment designed specifically for Social~Media APIs of the modern age.

Twitter, TikTok, Instagram Stories, YouTube, and many more.

Crack open the ALPHA server (if you wish).

Various “phases” will roll out in 2020.

Special thanks to @Deltakosh, and this extraordinary community. Similar to BOXiGON (last year), please reply OR DM, to add your ScreenName, Avatar, real name, joke, company, or url of your work - in the CREDIT~ROLL. It will be at the END of EPISODE 1 (act 3), exactly like a MOVIE! Where we wish to PROUDLY promote YOU (the community) and BABYLONJS! To the next generation of developers We are honored to cross-promote anyone in this community: especially, the long-timers, Microsoft team(sters), and key contributors. Please, keep it "family friendly, and support Web Arts by BabylonJS, and DROP US A LINE!

Like and subscribe on YouTube (above).




We have an exhaustive list of things we need to improve in ALPHA.

Like the READABILITY of the text (TXTs) on YouTube.

But, if you would like to point out our EASTER-EGGS.

That is fine!

~ : ) -.

haha Im gonna have to watch this here, looks like a trip.


Can’t agree more

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@aFalcon how do I get anything to start? I loaded it up and the only thing I can get moving is the UI.

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The Movie (and GAME) is LOCKED behind a button on the Title Screen.

It is possible to unlock them … yourself. : )

figured it out.

haha, dude this is wild. Hahah I have no clue whats going on but this is awesome. The music for orby is dope.

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Thanks @Pryme8 (music was my original art form).

@Deltakosh here is analytics from PEW Research showing, “most recommended” vidz on YouTube being “kids” and “music videos”. Above is a music video for kids.

AND SocialBlade, showing how the top-line is 54 Billion Views for a dancing Onion!

We can do better. I have kids (reading this), they are the experts, so you could say…

I had insight a few years back. : )

We do not care about realism. It is the story.

Just enough for “immersion”. Realism is not the medium.

That is all. Simple. Minimalism.

The animation workflow needs to be streamlined, optimized, fine-tuned, automated… faster.

So that is what I will do.

Sadly iOS is extra broken with extra features.

We ignore that for now. Going .mp3 for a bit.