iPad air & iPad air 2 out of memory ? Crash

I have a crash happening with an iPad air & an iPad air 2.

I think it happen because there is too much stuff in the application.
It looks like the memory is full or something.

When it crash, the page just reload, try again to load then just die with a blank page & an error message.

When connecting to a mac to check the console there is no error shown.
All the code is runned without issue so no hint there.

I was able to reprocude the crash with this scene.
Here the scene loads fine but moving a bit with the iPad made it crashes.

I wasn’t able to reproduce it in the playground specifically since disabling some materials were enough and I was also able to avoid the crash by disabling all my Pipeline stuff (bloom, motion blur…).

It crash exactly the same way with any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave).

Do you think there is something to do to avoid this ?

Unfortunately we can not do anything for this one upfront or even catch the error as it is already too late. The only thing is too ensure the scene and app to run are bound to reasonnable limits or sniffing the UA to load different level of meshes.

Yep, thank you @sebavan.
This is also what I thought but we never now.

Thanks for the infos !