Is it possible to achieve such an effect similar to streamer in babylon?

This looks like an effect @PatrickRyan did once, that ground scan effect, but I don’t remember the PG :sweat_smile:


I remember this one Babylon.js Playground :ocean:


It’s exactly this one! :smiley:


Great! This is exactly what I want, but I noticed that there is a bars.json file in the code. Is this generated through NME? Sorry, I am not familiar with Node Material. :smiling_face_with_tear:

The bars.json refers to the node material config generated ( I am assuming here) via the NME.
You can get more details here: Node Material | Babylon.js Documentation
and the example usage in this docs Babylon.js Playground.

NME is great you should look into it, it’s totally worth it! :wink:

Got it, I roughly got it, it’s a really cool thing!