Is there a way to have glb/gltf model F0 factor being set automatically from Blender?

Hi everyone!

Short question here regarding to glb/gltf importing. I’m trying to make my armchair model as soft and comfy as I can. When I import model to the sandbox, the F0 value is always quite large and needs manual tuning. Is there any way to do this in Blender, that the gltf file loader could then handle and set appropriately?

Here is an image of the “problem”. As you can see, the F0 value makes it too reflective by default. Since I have quite many models, I would prefer to handle this in Blender instead of in the code… Would need then to know that, ok, this is a soft chair and I need to tune the F0 value… Well, I could make a sort of object of the models to have some options instead, since the models are currently just loaded from array without any specific option data… But before doing that, any ideas? :slight_smile:

Are you using the babylon format or gltf ? if babylon @JCPalmer could help, otherwise you probably need to check with the blender community to implement the specular extension if not already planned @bghgary might know ?

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I’m using a .glb :slight_smile:

What kind of material are you trying to simulate? Changing F0 to lower values may be exiting the physically accurate space. You probably can do it with KHR_materials_specular, but I’m not sure that’s the right way if you are trying to simulate a real material.

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Basically I just want to have a soft clothing, that doesn’t reflect like a metallic surface :grin:

@PatrickRyan Do you have any suggestions?

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@Panuchka is there any way you can share this model with us? Even in a direct message would be fine if you can’t post a link. I want to take a look at what’s happening in the model because you can certainly achieve a cloth look without ever touching the F0 factor. In fact, I never do adjust the F0 factor in any model I make for the engine and can simulate any range of materials from wood to plastic to metal to cloth.

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Hey there @Panuchka just checking in, was your question answered?

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Sorry for late reply, I kind of “resolved” this issue by doing nothing. For some reason the lighting in the game I’m making has a different look than in the sandbox. Might be the different set of lights (combination of hemi and directional lights) that I use that make the end result look better than in the sandbox.

I can also post the model here if you still want to / have time take a look (both glb or blend are ok for me)!