Is there a way to import meshes directly from a post request?

What I have done currently is request the mesh via Axios to a server, it returns the BASE64 data that I will then use to load the mesh directly. However, loading from BASE64 in my experience has been a little bit slower and freezes the application even when using ImportMeshAssync. Is there a way to use a POST request directly inside the ImportMesh function? Here is a snippet of the current process that I use.

        function CreateMainScene(meshURL: string, meshName: string) {
            function (newMeshes) {doing stuff with the mesh})};
       const convertParams = {
           JSON with the parameters of the mesh
       }; + "parameterized", convertParams)
        .then((response) => {
            let meshData =;

            CreateMainScene("", "data:base64,"+ meshData);

CreateMainScene(meshURL: string should have URL to your mesh object, like

let meshURL =; // url like "https://your-mesh-file.gltf" CreateMainScene("", meshURL,"meshName");

this was our previous solution, but we need to get the mesh directly in a single request, what I would need is to use a POST request directly into the importmesh function without having to use axios first. In the example I provided, I have that meshURL parameter just in case I need to load a local mesh when the server is offline