Is there a way to not break the mesh at the border of two submaterials?

I have a mesh that uses 2 materials, one static, the other with a vertex shader. Now, with vertex deformation, geometry breaks at the border of two materials, is there a way to weld the vertices so that the deformation affects shared vertexes with another material? Thx!

The vertices of a material must be contiguous, and they are defined as a submesh with a lower & upper index. That said, I do not think it is possible for materials to share vertices as the premise of your question states.

What I do in the Blender exporter is double the vertices at the material change. Though I am using my own code to do the deformation, I get deforms which are just fine.

Here is a single meshes (skin eyes, eye browse, teeth, & tongue), all except for hair, and it deforms just fine The answer is double up your material border vertices.


Thank you! This is sad, although I assumed so. Apparently I need to use only one material, and rewrite the shader so that it is applied to a particular vertex group.