.jumping Figure

Hey guys!
I’m working at my project and I don’t know what I must type that the figure jumps and that it come back to the ground, like in the reality.
Here the link:

Hello if this is just about jumping you can certainly create a simple animation but if you want more realistic behavior it could be great to look into a physic engine maybe?

What is the goal of your “jump” ?

It would be nice if you can show me that with the animation.

First it would be good to know the goal of the jump then you need to either use physics or create an animation that simulates the jump depending on how realistic you want it to be.

Ok it mustn’t be so realistic. But physics would be nice!

1.part of jumping:

leftleg1.rotation.x = -0.2;
leftleg1.position.y = -3;

leftleg2.rotation.x = 0.17;
leftleg2.position.y = -4.1;

rightleg1.rotation.x = -0.18;
rightleg1.position.y = -3;

rightleg2.rotation.x = 0.17;
rightleg2.position.y = -4.1;

you could use this Animations - Babylon.js Documentation to animate the different pieces of your model.