Large glb extension file sceneloader reloading issue on ios devices

small glb extension file that we can display on ios old version with not movable / new version with movable. but In case of large glb file in ios devices, we are facing page redirects issue / reload again automatically while loading scene.
note - File size - 90.7 MB

Angular CLI: 10.1.7
Node: 12.16.2
OS: linux x64
Angular: 10.1.6
below versions that we have used in package.json
“babylonjs”: “^4.2.0”,
“babylonjs-loaders”: “^4.2.0”

below code that we taking simple way

 tempSetupScene() {
    var scene = new Scene(this.engine);

    //Adding a light
    var light = new PointLight("Omni", new Vector3(20, 20, 100), scene);
    //Adding an Arc Rotate Camera
    var camera = new ArcRotateCamera("Camera", 0, 10, 200, Vector3.Zero(), scene);
    camera.attachControl(this.canvas, false);

    // The first parameter can be used to specify which mesh to import. Here we import all meshes
    SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer("https://secured_path/", "secured.glb", scene, (result) => {
        // Create a default arc rotate camera and light.
        scene.createDefaultCameraOrLight(true, true, true);
        // The default camera looks at the back of the asset.
        // Rotate the camera by 180 degrees to the front of the asset.
        scene.activeCamera['alpha'] += Math.PI;

    // Move the light with the camera
    scene.registerBeforeRender(function () {
        light.position = camera.position;
    return scene;

Hi einfo_chips,

Welcome to Babylon! I’m not sure if this is a Babylon issue — I don’t know why Babylon would be causing the page to redirect or reload — but if it does turn out to be a glTF issue, @bghgary is definitely the expert to ask, so I’ll tag him in.