Layer (Fullscreen) video is inverted

Hello Everyone, I’m currently using the layer to create a fullscreen view of a video that is in the mesh.
However it seems that the video is inverted when applied.
I’ve created a playground that demonstrates the issue (when you double click it triggers the fullscreen).

Can anyone help/provide inputs if I’m doing something incorrectly?

It seems that your glb UVs are not mapped in the same way the layer is expecting the texture. You can either reexport your glb with inverted UVs or like here dupplicate the texture:

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Thank you for this! I also found out that you can also change the invertY value on the constructor and it will help as well!

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@sebavan just a quick inquiry (if you can answer as well) would you happen to know at what z-index is the layer placed at or if it can be changed? I currently have a html element that I can still see above the layer (currently the component’s z-index is at 999)

there is currently no z-index for what is in the canvas only the canvas global one which is controlled as usual with your CSS on the canvas element :slight_smile: