Leaded Crystal / Security Glass Shader?

I would like to create a shader that mimics the look of the beads appended below.

In the real world, these beads are clear leaded crystal with a fine metal powder having been heat treated on to various facets of the geometry. The result is that the bead is reflective on the outside, but you can see through it from behind the reflective coating.

The most important part is that the metallic finish fades to clear glass instead of either finish being uniform across the entire mesh, but still retains the ability to refract light.

I am particularly interested in fading from a gold metallic finish to an amber or sienna tinted glass.

How would I achieve a result similar to this using custom shader design?

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someone made this diamond in a china shop:


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Created with Polyhedrons:



Thank you, @Necips, this looks incredible.

Perhaps it’s my laptop’s graphics card, but I haven’t been able to find any examples that have see-through glass with flat shaded specular highlights or facet reflections.

Referencing the diamond demo, the faces should be flashing light off. The material shader seems complicated in abstract just thinking of what would be needed.

Here is a recent wireframe of the ship I’m working on. Relies heavily on duplicated instances and rotations of regular geometry.


I gave your question free for the experienced users here in this great forum ( I have ever seen! :slight_smile: )

Maybe this is what you are seeking (partially) for:

Here the light shines though the object:

The construction of your space ship is highly promising :smiley:

Here is a glass-material:



or these ones:


and last but not least - I have to go working! :slight_smile:
that tutorial is looking fine for such “special effects”:


and not to forget the demo of the demos:

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