Left Click to Pan Camera?

Can I remap camera panning to left click?

I was looking at camera.inputs.attached.pointers but not sure I found anything besides changing .buttons to disable left click entirely (I want it to use panning behavior).

Thanks <3

Heya Dovester… sorry for the slow replies.

Take a sniff at this… Focus to Oject With animation

Ignore the topic title. Issam had a last-minute wish to reverse the mouse buttons. There should be some good info in there, for you, too.

Write back, tell us if that other post… helped. If not… we’ll work on a better solution.


Thanks Wingnut, some nice links there.

camera._panningMouseButton = 0;
camera.inputs.attached.pointers.buttons = [0];

Got me where I think I want to be for now ;p