Load all textures in a folder

I find how make array that texture directory.

function loadAll( folderName : string){
  let textureDirs : string[] = ??
  return textureDirs;

console.log( loadAll( 'icons' );
// ['/...directory/icons/icon1.png', '/...directory/icons/icon2.jpg', '/...directory/icons/icon_Knight.bmp'  ]

please help me about this code’s ‘??’ part. :clap: (is prey. not clap. :wink: )

Hey, can you elaborate more on what you want to do?

Do you want to create Texture objects?

If the question is about reading the content of a folder, unfortunately this is not possible from a browser (for obvious security reasons)

You can read an entire content of a folder using PHP and get the result with ajax

Thank’s for answers.
I want to create materials with Loops.
and then all textures has different names.
ex) apple.jpg, orang_A.png, orange_B.png, drink1, Drink.png…

By the way, if I think about it again, I will write DB.

However, thanks everyone!

Ok, I would browse the directory of your images with PHP to retrieve the names. then with ajax I would create the materials.

For example :

PHP file “getImages.php” :

$listeImage = "";
$root = "./images/"
$MyDirectory = opendir($root);
while($Entry = @readdir($MyDirectory)) {
	if($Entry != '.' && $Entry != '..') {
		$listeImage .= $Entry.";";
echo $listeImage;

Ajax: In your Javascript code to process the content retrieve with PHP

$.ajax({ type: "POST", url: 'getImages.php',
	success: (msg) => {	
		msg = msg.split(";");
		for(let i = 0; i < msg.length; i++)
			//image liste
			let image = msg[i];
			// Create materiaux here			

I hope it helps

I’ll refer to your code and study AJAX.
Thank you!