Load External File read animations?

I want to load an external File and display the animation (group) names… If anyone has a good references URL or a better way to explain how this could be accomplished. I am only assuming that this is a possibility as soundbox can read and display them.

may not always know the name of the animation group inside the external file.

My goal is to load an external file and get a list of the animation group names and using that information to store witch animation is to be used in a predetermined action.

SceneLoader.ImportMesh or SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync both return the animationGroups in the result. The documentation is a bit out-of-date for this. The meshes, particleSystems, and skeletons should be meshes, particleSystems, skeletons, and animationGroups.

Hope that helps.

YES! thanks so much for your response this helped so much.

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