Loading all objects from files

how i can make the scene wait until all objects loaded from its files…
the problem when i add .obj from file and set it as ground, the other meshes doesnt wait until it loaded…

Could you reproduce your code in a playground?


Just out of curiosity, are you using createScene or delayCreateScene for your scene creation?

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For the scene that you’re creating with the objects, which one are you using? If you’re loading a bunch of objects, you may want to use delayCreateScene as a start, if you’re not already doing that. If you are using delayCreateScene already, it might be good to do like @Vinc3r suggested and create a Playground with a reproduction of your issue/code so that we can see what you’re seeing.

createScene and delayCreateScene is just for the playground code. Also, delayCreateScene isn’t necessary anymore since you can just return a promise from createScene and it will wait for the scene to finish.

@Star4_Droid We need a playground from you to understand what is the actual issue since we don’t have much context on what you are trying to do. Maybe scene.executeWhenReady is what you are looking for?