Loftia - farming/community sim + MMO combo

Hey everyone!

You might remember this thread that I created at the end of last year, when I was gearing up to take a break from working and develop an MMORPG in Babylon.

A lot has changed since then! I’ve now quit my job, and have assembled a small team consisting of a concept artist, 3D modeller, storywriter and another engineer as of late. The initial efforts (engineering-wise) were a little rushed, so we went back to the drawing board and have pivoted in terms of game direction - instead of a stereotypical combat-based MMO, we’ve now landed on a game that will be one of the first of its kind: a mix between a farming/life/community simulation (think Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley!) and the MMO genre, with much less of a focus on combat, and much more on coziness, relaxation, and a strong sense of community and friendship, whilst still retaining a sense of adventure, mystery, and fun.

Here’s a brief video showing some features from back in March:

All the assets shown here are placeholders, we’re going to have a huge graphical overhaul in the coming weeks. I’ll keep this thread updated with the latest changes!

Our plan is to go full steam ahead from now until September, at which point we hope to have an impressive demo to show, and will be aiming at raising some more funds via a Kickstarter. Hopefully this can become one of the biggest and most popular projects out there using BabylonJS!

For anyone interested in finding out more about this game/project, check out these links:


Wow this is massive!! Please keep us posted!

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This is so cool! I love your concept, I’ve always been a fan of these kinds of games and have many fond memories of playing Harvest Moon on my PS1 :heart:

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Cant wait !!!

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Good luck with your efforts @sairens. Took me back a few years to Cybertown and the Contact Server (done in VRML) and to the time I sent building in Second Life and Open Sim.

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

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