Looking for the new developer star of VYTRUVE! (threeJS / Babylone JS / Web GL)

Hi Everybody,
I am the CEO of VYTRUVE (www.vytruve.com). In VYTRUVE we are developing a solution for making the prosthetics for people who are amputee by using 3D printing. With VYTRUVE people can walk again ! (it is a good final sens of the job !)
Most seriously, we are looking for a developer who knows : threeJS / Babylone JS / Web GL for working on our next software.
In VYTRUVE we are based in France (Rennes city), we are a small, close team with very good skills (15 peoples): engineers, devs web, prosthetists…
The full remote is possible.
If you are interested, we can discuss ! Please send me an email e.calvier@vytruve.com. You could also added me on linkedin “Erwan CALVIER”.
See you soon !


This looks pretty cool, hope the community will jump on it :slight_smile:

I love when companies try to create ways to help people. I hope you’ll find the fitting programmer in here. I’d join immediately if I could

thank you, I already have emails. The strength of the community ! :slight_smile:

Thank you! If one day you can email me ! :wink: