LOW prio - late forum notification emails

I get the notification emails after an hour or two but never earlier than half an hour. Is this an issue (just for me/my region - Slovakia) or the settings of the Discourse server are set this way?

Thank you!

EDIT: and I didn’t get the notification count displayed on my avatar today. I was already suspicious that sometimes I am not notified but today it happened for sure…

I’ve checked the Discourse forum and found several topics about these issues.

Is there anyone else experiencing this?

First, yeah email as part of a workflow is really only completely effective when either you are just passively watching, like on vacation and not going to do anything in any case, or just being used as a fallback if you are not paying close attention at the time.

EMail can be delayed for a number of reasons, which no one really controls.

I have occasionally seen things which never got listed in the avatar click. My own theory is they seem to happen when I am on the page, but the page is on a back tab. You get a little note in the bottom right of the first 100 characters or so for a few seconds, but not if you are not watching at the time, you’ll miss it.

That scenario is probably testable to see if it holds water, but I never thought it important enough to bother.

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Thank you for your response!

Yeah, I’ll close the topic, it’s not something I/we can’t live without :slight_smile: