Making music for games etc

hey team,

I would love to know how you guys are creating music and how its done, I have zero knowledge about music and would like to know where to start, I noticed some people are recommending FL Studio, and also in @Necips topic, I found that we can create music programmatically by using:

so, any clue where to start?


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There are so many good music production tools. This rabbit hole goes very very deep.

You will need a production suite, like FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton Live, Cakewalk (that is now free to use), garage band. Or a production tool like NI Maschine. These are all relatively serious production tools, that you will need to learn how to tame.

If you want to start with music production - my recommendation would be to start with a simple one. As much as I don’t like Apple, GarageBand is the one thing I have only good things to say about. It’s simple, rather intuitive, and actually produces good results. There are many free tools, try them out, see what makes sense to you.

And of course, you will need to have some basic knowledge is music :slight_smile:
But one post in a 3D engine’s forum won’t help with that.

On a side note, music production is an amazingly fun thing to do. But sometimes, just like many other things, it’s better to “outsource” this task for professional and quicker results. If you just want to learn - amazing. just do it :slight_smile:

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If you are into programming stuff and want to make music for fun I recommand you to learn audio synthesis, you can make every single sound with a synth and as programmer we have a lot of advandages because it’s all about physics and automation.

Now if you want to produce music quickly it’s not the easy way :)…To have quick result I would recommand to make a choice between FL Studio or Ableton Live. For pricing reason I would recommand FL Studio (even if I’m using Ableton by myself). Now if you want to make music quickly you should definitely use samples pack. Using Samples pack in music are like being script kiddies in hacking but who care it’s a good start. Buy a sample pack in a style you like and it would be easy to make some loop (transforming a loop to a finished track required a lot of work :D)

Electronic Music producing is always around this concepts :

  • Enveloppe
  • EQ
  • Filter
  • Tone
  • Automation

(Learning audio synthesis will improve all this skills).

I had to stop producing music because if you want to be good in both music and programming you don’t have much time left to sleep and social interactions :crazy_face:

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That all is very informative legends, Thank you

I just want to do it for fun and learn how all this works,

I would definitely check that, I also don’t like apple, but it has become my main development machine these days, cause I build mobile apps and you may know apple’s limitations. I am used to OSX from last couple of years, the best part is that I could use all linux tools on Mac and is pretty convenient for me to manage all my clusters.

programming from last 2 decades, now just wants to find some more stuff xD

it would be great if you can link some useful resources for learning audio synthesis.