Merged primitives

A really cool tool to create merged primitivs! Unfortunately no export that can be used in bjs!


Thx N! Sort of looks like thermal-forming or vacuum-forming. "thermo-forming toys" - Google Search

Besides “plasti-goop” and Creepy Crawler ovens of long ago… there was another… where you put flat plastic sheets over a convex mold, and then heated them up… to form a shape, and then trim the slag. What was the name of that toy? Anyone remember?

All in all, cool find, Necips. Sort-of… soft-merging. Catmull-Rom-ing the tapered merge-points? How DO they do that? Pretty cool.

How do you FIND these odd things that you have been showing us? You must be a pro web-surfer, for sure, N. :slight_smile:

My secret is: I am surfing with intention to find something awesome! :slight_smile:

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